CHASE YOUR DREAM Doc Full HD English subtitles

«CHASE YOUR DREAM» — the new documentary about Ukrainian boxer and WBO world champion Vasyl Lomachenko.

This is a story, aimed to inspire youth to dream, believe and chase your dreams day after day!

The documentary was filmed by PaperPlanes Production in Ukraine and in the USA during 2015-2016.

Director — Vlad Stankevych
Producer — Ilona Stankevych
Cinematographers — Vlad Stankevych, Yevgeniy Sakhno
Camera operators (Aerial) — Yevgeniy Sakhno, Mykola Kravchenko
Editor — Vlad Stankevych
Post Production Assistant — Yevgeniy Lyamin
Interview Lead — Vlad Stankevych, Stas Medvedev
Music — Alexander Tishenko (“Stolnyy Grad”)
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