Russian Marines Where We There Victory

Naval Infantry,Black Jackets,Black Death,Black Devils, «Where We,There Victory» — First team of Russian Marines was in 1569,27 november 1705 was formed the first regiment of Marines (Founded Emperor Pyotr I).
Russian Marines bravely fought in Russian — Swedish War,Russian-Turkish War,Defense of Sevastopol,Napoleonic Wars,Russian — Japanese War,First World War,Great Patriotic War,defense of Odessa and Sevastopol,Kerch — Feodosia landing operation,yhe battle of Stalingrad,battle of the Dnieper,Chechen Campaign,war South Ossetia,liberation Crimea,marines rescued the Russian pilot Su-24М2 who was shot down in Syria,fight against somali pirates and fight against terrorists at Syria at the moment.
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