Игорь Растеряев Казачья песня Cossack song Accordion Folk music

Автор музыки и текста — Игорь Растеряев. Автор ролика — Лёха Ляхов.
The song named «Cossack song».
A warm wind was flying оn the field,
walking, snooping and then
This wind flew in through the window and whispered to me about.
Very many dusky guys just tonight
as screaming by Turkic, they're coming to us so as to hack at all of us.
I'm only fifteen but I've smelt death and powder,
I cut away a human head as easy as a sunflower hat.
Don't risk fighting against these kids in a sabre battlefield,
I striked alone against twelve.
They're just appeared far away,
Their dusky leader has animal grin.
What do you forget on the river
That named the Free Medveditsa!
You must cover yourself in the battlefield
By my own child's perception
I'm singing to you in Russian,
But I can sing in Turkish if you want!
Come closer, guys, let's go!
I'm wholly openhearted as though bare.
My lance is my round loaf.
Who has gaped — that will be dead at once!
Hurra-hurra-hurra-hurra — kor!
I'm hearing Turkish screaming.
Now that braggart will be
striked down in his head by my steel sabre!

(The translation by Alexey Lyakhov, the assistance of it- IgorRussland. Igor Rasteryaev is a composer).
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