Ирина Отиева Последняя Поэма

(H.264 MPEG4 AVC 640x360 16:9) Irina Otieva — The Last Poem. Song from the movie «You is not even dream». Music by famous composer Alexei Rybnikov, the words of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
Песня из кинофильма «Вам и не снилось» — Ирина Отиева и Вера Соколова. Музыка Алексея Рыбникова, слова Рабиндранат Тагор.


Wind is the old name dispelled?
I have no way to cast my edge.
If you try to see from a distance,
You will not notice me, You will not notice me -
My friend, farewell!

I swim out and time takes me
From the edge to the edge
From coast to coast, from the shallows to the shallows ...
My friend, farewell!
I know one day from a distant shore,
distant past, -
The night, spring wind the will bring you
the sigh from me.

Just look: no more is anything -
following me?

At midnight oblivion
In the later edge of your life.
Just look without the despair,
Just look, without despair.

Flash it? take is the form? — of a
unknown image, as random..
Take this is the form? — of a
unknown image, as random..

Is this not a dream?
This is not a dream
This is — the truth, my
This is — the true..

Eternal law — overcoming death -
Is this — my love
This is — my love
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