т ф Принцесса цирка 1 и 2 серии

Начало фильма отсутствует, т.к. там есть кадры, показ которых является нарушением авторских прав см. www.youtube.com/watch?v=roZjInM29ow Die Zirkusprinzessin /The Circus Princess / Kálmán Imre: Cirkuszhercegnő (TV Film Moscow 1982) Режиссёр С. Дружинина Оператор А. Мукасей. В главных ролях Наталья Белохвостикова, Игорь Кеблушек (Igor Keblušek as Mister X), Н. Трофимов, В. Басов, А. Ширвиндт, Л. Касаткина, Ю. Мороз, Е. Шанина, Поют В. Мальченко, Л. Ковалева. Озвучивание: С.Захаров — Мистер Х (Igor Keblušek is a Czechoslovak diplomat and businessman. It is his one and the only screen appearance)
Synopsis — Die Zirkusprinzessin Time: 1912
Act One takes place in late winter in the foyer of the Circus Stanislawski in St.Petersburg. Its star performer is the mysterious, masked violinist/acrobat, Mister X. He has caught the attention of the wealthy widow, Princess Fedora, to whom the czar has recently
voiced his wish that she remarry and insure that her assets stay within the country. Prince Sergius, the nephew of the czar, is determined to win Fedora for himself. He spots her in the audience and usurps the seat of her neighbor, Toni, the son of a Viennese hotel owner.
Eventually, Mister X confronts Fedora and declares his love, hinting that maybe they have met before. Fedora is fascinated by the masked man and dismisses any effort by Sergius to win her attention. Insulted by her choice of a circus performer over him, Sergius swears revenge. He engages Mister X to attend his party that evening and, dressed as a baron, woo Fedora. Toni, meanwhile, has taken a liking to Mabel, a bareback rider and singer. The act ends as Fedora is introduced to the dashing «baron,» whom she does not recognize as Mister X—they hit it off immediately.
Act Two takes place six weeks later in the palace of Prince Sergius in St. Petersburg. Sergius senses that his revenge plot is working and that Fedora has fallen in love with the baron. Indeed she has, but is puzzled by his disappearance for an hour every evening. Sergius has a forged letter from the czar delivered to Fedora, instructing her to come to the royal palace to meet her chosen husband. He then suggests to her that to thwart this forced marriage, she marry the baron immediately. Toni suggests that he and Mabel be married at the same time. As soon as the marriage ceremonies are completed, Sergius informs Fedora that her new husband is not a
baron, and that she is nothing more than a «circus princess.» She is horrified as the baron admits that he is really Mister X and that she had once been married to his uncle, causing his disinheritance. She asks for forgiveness, but he walks off.
Act Three takes place eight weeks later in Vienna, in the hotel “Erzherzog Karl.” Toni and Mabel are now married, but he cannot break the news to his parents that their daughter-inlaw is a circus performer. His mother gives in happily, however, when she discovers that she herself had once been in love with Mabel's father. Prince Sergius has escorted Fedora to the hotel restaurant with the intention of proposing. By fate, they are joined there at an adjacent table by Mister X. When Sergius goes off for a moment, Mister X confronts Fedora and the two admit their mutual love. By the time the Prince returns, Fedora and Mister X have agreed to marry.
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