DiDuLa Rumba wonderful instrumental Дидюля

DiDuLa — Live in Moscow. 2006

In the concert and studio work a lot of guitars and other stringed instruments are used. The Flamenko-guitars, acoustical Epiphone, Lecord. The Flamenko-guitars the are home-made, Godin-guitars (some models, with midi).

The GHT bass-guitar. The classical guitars produced by Alhambra and Admira factories. The Flamenko- guitar equipped with steel-strings.

Stringed instruments: Cas with piesosensor, Ud, Taktambur, Rubab, Dutar.

Besides these instruments there are some striking and percussion instruments: tabla, bongi, doira, kongi, darbuka, all kinds of shakers, clay tablak.

The collection is large and interesting, the most of instruments are from quest performance tours and trips.
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