Пелагея Под лаской плюшевого пледа

(муз. А Петрова, сл. М. Цветаевой, из к/ф «Жестокий романс»)

Концерт «Киношлягеры Андрея Петрова»
БКЗ «Октябрьский», Санкт-Петербург
27 мая 2011 года

(translation by Ilya Shambat):
Under caresses of an ivy
Plaid I recalled yesterday's dream.
Whose victory? Who's been defeated?
What has it been?

Rethinking everything once more,
Torturing myself once again.
In this, for which no word I know,
Had love ever been?

Who was the hunter? Who — the hunted?
All is reversed as if by Satan!
What did the loudly purring Siberian
Cat, understand?

In this self-willing one another
Who in whose hand was but a ball?
Whose heart flew — yours or mine,
Do you recall?

And still again — what has it been too?
What do I want, what do I pity?
And I don't know: Did I win? Did somebody
Conquer me?
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