КАК ПОСАДИТЬ СПЕЙС ШАТТЛ Лекция How to land Space Shuttle from Space

Невероятно крутая лекция Брета Коупленда на мероприятии Stack Overflow 2016 Remote Meetup in Philadelphia.
Попробовать посадить Шаттл можно на сайте: www.f-sim.com/

Команда Alpha Centauri благодарит Брета за разрешение перевести, озвучить и опубликовать его лекцию на YouTube.
The Alpha Centauri team thanks Bret for his permission to translate and publish his Talk on YouTube.
All real-life photos and videos (except the last slide) were produced by NASA. Everything that looks hand-drawn was done by Bret Copeland on a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet in ArtRage. Animations were done in After Effects. Between the concept, outline, script, artwork, animations, rehearsals, and editing, Bret spent somewhere around 200 hours over two months working on it. Very little time was spent researching. In case it wasn't obvious, I've been more than a little obsessed with the topic for years now.
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