Singapore Police Force Band Singapura Oh Singapura

The SPF Band is the only band in Singapore that is complemented by Bagpipes and the group are known as the Women Police Pipes & Drums. The Combined Police Band has evolved into a versatile group of professional musicians, comprising the Police Band, Women Police Pipes & Drums Platoon as well as the Police Combo Band.

Assistant Director of Music: Amri Bin Amin
Music: singapura oh singapura

Military Tattoo Bremen 2005

Singapura, Oh Singapura
Sunny Island, Set in the sea
Singapura oh Singapura
Pretty Island, Bloom For You And Me
Come Along, Join the song in Merry Singing
Blend Our Voices
Join the Chorus
Singapura, Oh Singapura
Pretty Island, Bloom For You And Me
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